Month: July 2020

The 5 worst mistakes content creators make

The payoff will be worth it. There has been intensifying pressure to produce brilliant content in the booming age of social platforms and digital content. The faster you move, the more easily you err. Creating content in content marketing can quickly pull  you sticks and stones. Avoiding mistakes below may remove some hurdles in your

Reading Level & Idea about Great Writing

Do you know that articles on New York Times have a reading level of 7.5 (a seventh grader can read and understand) while putting millions of global readers in a different perspective about the world and keeping them thrilled for more? Or many books by J.K.Rowling with a 5.5 reading level (a ten-year-old can read

Simple formula to write for living

1-1-2-4-2 10 years ago, I did not give any thought about making money from online remote work. But everything has changed since I left Vietnam and settled in another country. I started writing online and working remotely — you can call it an incident. I have actually become an online writer, working full time from

9 ideal types of client and 10 services that freelancers can offer amid the pandemic

In chaos and downturns come changes, creativity and innovations. Let’s recall the past crises. Those were harrowing days and remarkable milestones as well. In chaos and downturns come changes, creativity and innovations. While the crises took their tolls on the economy and society, they brought with themselves a circle of breakthrough innovations in technology, which

How to become a freelance writer in 2020?

Don’t choose it just for the thought that it can earn you easy money. And certainly, don’t choose it for you desire freedom and no dependence. What is a freelance writer? To be more specific, as a beginner, you should be familiar with 2 modes of “freelance” in a writing career: You have a full-time